Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flowers- Florists

So. I was going to DIY flowers and after doing a trial run I realized I am not up for the challenge. I met with three different florists and have just sent in our deposit to Huckleberry Karen Designs.

Breakdown of the florists we met:

1) Sarah Padilla Designs- Very nice. She was recommended to me by my cousin who used her for her wedding. I liked her at first but then throughout the meeting she seemed to keep on pushing me towards Circus roses (bright orange and red) which was not what I wanted. She also pulled the whole, "well I do have someone who has contacted me to do her flowers for that day so you need to book immediately" this was 15 months out from our wedding so I knew the chances are slim! She also first said we can do the deposit in installements. She wanted 50% for the deposit for the date. Then after meeting she emailed me saying she needed everything to book the date, which bothered me that she flip flopped. So we decided to look at different florists.

2) Flowers by Nicole- Very very nice and great person. She met us at the venue which I thought was really cool since she can see what she is working with. She understood and didn't try to change my mind on my muted color palate for the flowers. I would recommend her to everybody but she ended up being about 600 more than expected. This led us to Karen!

3)Huckleberry Karen- Is highly recommended on the knot message boards and is friends with Sara from Stinkerpants (who did our save the dates). She met with me on my lunch hour in Palo Alto which was amazing. She drove from SF to just meet me to go over the flowers. She also brought books that showed which flowers are in bloom during our wedding (effects costs) and which are not. She had a beautiful portfolio and her prices can't be beat, they are amazing! I can't wait to see the final product!!!

Here are the inspiration pictures- Since we are doing November we want more muted colors compared to bright ones that we were originally planning.

Photo credit Huckleberry Karen

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