Monday, July 12, 2010

Dress is In!! Invitations Decided!! Cake Picked!!

The Dress:
So I was incredibly excited to pick up my dress. I knew that I have lost 10 lbs and over 13inches so the dress would definitely be too big (still would like to lose 30-40 more by the wedding date). It looked so beautiful, I was so happy.

Watching SYTTD Friday night made me a little nervous. Was I going to hate the dress? I hadn't seen it in 4 months, I could easily hate it when I put it on. But I didn't!!

We did have one snafu. I had ordered my veil as the exact same as the one I tried on. The one I tried on was a drop veil with crystals on the front (blusher) part. I just asked for no crystals. For some reason this caused the veil maker to put the clip at the front of the veil (not back a bit to make the blusher part). Luckily the store isn't charging us and is getting us a new one by August. Thank god we figured this out early.

The Invitations:
So I know I had posted invitations earlier on the blog... but I completely changed them :) We are now doing letterpressed ones (I am working with caron&chatham). I had purchased letterpress business cards and loved the look of them so much I knew I needed her to do my invitations. Since I am making them myself, I am saving my mom quite a bit of money so she was willing to pay for the letterpressing. I will post pictures as soon as they are mailed out (September 6th). I don't want to post them earlier in case someone sees them!

The Cake:
Since I don't like cake, this was the lowest priority for me for booking vendors. My FI is a big sweets lover so he has been begging for months to do it. I did a lot of research online regarding bakeries in our area, prices and flavors allowed. I wanted red velvet because it is my favorite cupcake flavor. He could care less the flavors since he loves them all.

We decided to meet Maggie, from Cakes by Maggie. She is located in San Mateo and does not have a storefront. We met at a local starbucks and she brought 6 flavors to test out. Of course my favorite was the first one we did and she nailed it on the dot. It was moist, decadent and the cream cheese frosting was perfect. The rest of the flavors I put my FI in charge of tasting. Maggie was asking me questions and we both look and all but one flavor is gone! He left the coconut one since he hates coconut! He was sold on her right there.

Her prices are incredibly reasonable 30% less than Copenhagen Bakery and The Cakery. She doesn't have hidden costs and has a great design asthetic! We are so happy we are going with her!

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