Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floral Supplies

Since I will be doing my own floral elements for the wedding. I went a a little huckily buck on eBay. I got 12 eiffle tower vases for 45 dollars and also square 5x5x5 (6) vases for 30 dollars. My cousin who is getting married in September 2010 and I are going to the SF Flower Mart on 9/21 to see what flowers are in session and make some mock ups. I have a reseller license for my side business so I get wholesale discounts. I also purchased crystals from 4ClassyDesigns on etsy. I will be using these in the bouquets. They are excellant quality and she even gave me 6 extras free of charge!

Tune in the week of 9/21 to see the mockups of the bouquets and centerpieces!!

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