Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As a designer myself, I always figured I would just print the addresses on the envelopes like I have done for hundreds of clients who wanted to save money. But I thought again. Since I am doing my own invitations, I am saving my parents 100s of dollars. I am also doing letterpress through my FI's family business saving lots of money. SOOOO since I am saving all this money I want to splurge on calligraphy for the invitations. I know a little selfish but I want it!

After doing some research I realized that a lot of calligraphers just used normal fonts and probably just traced it with ink.... not worth $2 an envelope if I could do the same thing. But then I found TrialbyCupcake on etsy. I fell in love with her "Katie-Elongated" it is elegant but fun at the same time, and definitely different! I am booking my deposit (A refreshing $25) to reserve August for her to do them!

Here are some pictures of the calligraphy and check her out on etsy.com

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